Find Local Utility Services


The towns of Grand Coulee, Electric City, Coulee Dam, Elmer City and Nespelem each provide water, sewer and garbage services for their respective towns. Call your city/town municipality to set up water/sewer/garbage if you live within city/town limits.

If you live outside city/town limits you will need to call:

  • Unincorporated areas of Grant and Lincoln County: Sunrise Disposal 509.633.0100
  • Okanogan County: Nespelem City Hall 509.634.4691


Electricity is provided by your county Public Utility District, though it varies somewhat by town and county:

  • Grant County PUD (servicing all of Electric City, all of Grand Coulee, some of Lincoln County off SR 174, and western Coulee Dam) 509.766.2505
  • Nespelem Valley Electric Co-op (servicing east Coulee Dam and small communities from eastern Coulee Dam north to Nespelem) 509.634.4571

Cellular Telephone

Only two cellular phone providers offer services in the area: AT&T and Verizon. While there is some crossover in service areas, AT&T service is strongest (4G and LTE) in Grand Coulee, Electric City, and Nespelem, while Verizon is strongest in Coulee Dam, Grand Coulee, and parts of Electric City. If you live in Coulee Dam and have AT&T, you may want to talk with AT&T about hardware options for boosting cell coverage in your home through your Internet service.

Internet and phone service

Depending on where you live, you may get to enjoy Grant County PUD’s ZIPP Fiber Optic Network, which they call “the fastest Internet in the nation.” If you live in Grant County, go to or call 800-422-3199 to find out if high-speed fiber optic service is available for you. Click here for a list of fiber service providers and their contact information.

Non-fiber Internet options include the following:

  • Coulee Internet Services offers high speed wireless broadband internet across the counties of Grant, Lincoln, Okanogan and Douglas. They specialize in offering quality internet connections to areas without any other comparable choices. 509.720.7627
  • Centurylink offers DSL service in most of the Grand Coulee area. 888.650.6750
  • iFiber offers DSL service in Coulee Dam and the Geostar/Columbia Springs area. 866.284.3842
  • HughesNet and others offer satellite to Belvedere, Seaton’s Grove, and outlying areas along SR 174.
  • Coulee Dam Federal Credit Union offers accelerated dial-up service throughout the area. 800.572.5678


While curbside recycling is not yet available in the Grand Coulee Dam area, many local places allow you to recycle many types of items, including the following:

Coulee Hardware

416 Midway Ave Grand Coulee
Materials accepted: household rechargeable batteries

Coulee Recycling

Alcan Rd NE, Grand Coulee | 509-633-2175
Hours: Wednesday-Saturday 12pm-4pm
Materials accepted: metals such as copper, brass, aluminum (currently not buying iron or cans), radiators, automotive batteries

Delano Regional Transfer Station

22151 Alcan Rd. NE | 509-633-0100
Hours: March 1-Oct. 31 8am-12pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday; Saturday 8am-3pm; Nov.1-Feb 28 Tuesday & Thursday 8am-4pm; Saturday 8am-3pm
Materials accepted: clean appliances free, appliances with freon compressors (fee), tires large and small (fee), cardboard .02/lb, mixed paper, #1 and #2 plastics (no twist on lids), Tin cans (cleaned and rinsed) and aluminum cans (cleaned and rinsed)

Nespelem Recycling Center

64 Schoolhouse Loop Road, Nespelem
509-634-2416, 509-634-2158
Hours: 8am-4pm Monday-Friday
Materials accepted: paper, newspaper, magazines, cardboard, plastic #1 &2, aluminum and steel cans, small and major appliances, air conditioners, metals, fluorescent lights
E-cycling: computers, TV’s, cell phones, wires, toner cartridges, portable cd players


320 Midway Ave, Grand Coulee
Hours: 6am-12pm
Materials accepted: plastic grocery bags

Senior Center

203 Main Street, Grand Coulee
Materials accepted: aluminum cans and other aluminum, eyeglasses, hearing aids, used clothing
Collection locations at Senior Center, Safeway, Harvest Foods, Seaton’s Grove

Harvest Foods Bakery and Deli

304 Mead Way, Coulee Dam, WA 99116
Materials accepted: aluminum cans and other aluminum, eyeglasses, hearing aids, used clothing

Loyal Order of the Moose, #504

216 Continental Heights, Grand Coulee, WA 99133
Materials accepted: shoes

Recycling opportunities in other locations nearby:

Ephrata Landfill Recycling

Drop-off at the landfill south of Ephrata just off Hwy 28
Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30-am-3pm, Saturday 10am-3pm
Materials accepted: mixed waste paper (newspaper, envelopes, magazines & catalogs, telephone, books, file folders, office & computer paper), corrugated cardboard, glass bottles, jars (all colors), aluminum cans, automobile household batteries (including recyclable), used, motor oil (5 gallon maximum), used antifreeze, refrigerators $7.25 each, washers, dryers, dishwashers (fee by weight), scrap metal 28.80/ton

Ephrata Recycling Drop-Off

Alder St. near bus station, Ephrata WA
Materials accepted: mixed paper (newspaper, envelopes, magazines & catalogs, telephone, books, file folders, office & computer paper), corrugated cardboard, aluminum cans, glass, bottles and jars, automobile and household batteries, used oil

Lincoln County Recycling Center

3.5 miles west of Davenport on State Route 2
Drop-off bins
Materials accepted: corrugated cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic (pop, water, juice, milk, detergent bottles), newspaper, inserts, magazines, white paper

Lincoln County Transfer Station

3.5 miles west of Davenport on State Route 2
Hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 9am-5pm
Materials accepted: tires (fee), appliances (has or ever had freon) fee, appliances (all other), free, metals, household chemicals

Okanogan County Recycle Center

2241 B&O North Road, Okanogan
Materials accepted: newsprint, office paper, waste paper (including pop & cereal boxes, junk, mail, colored paper), magazines (boxed or tied), plastic jugs (clear and light green, milk jugs), aluminum cans, copper, brass, clean aluminum, radiators, automobile and household batteries, used motor oil

Spokane Waste to Energy Plant

2900 S. Geiger, Spokane
Hours: 7:30am-5pm 7 days a week except major holidays
Materials accepted: plastic #1&2, mixed plastic #3-7 including garden pots, corrugated, cardboard, mixed paper (including cereal boxes, junk mail, egg cartons), aluminum and tin cans, newspapers, magazines, phone books, glass bottles (no plate glass, ceramics or drinking glasses), metals (iron, copper, brass), Hazardous materials accepted: household cleaners, gasoline, oil, antifreeze, pool cleaner, pesticides, automotive and household batteries, fluorescent and CFL bulbs, oil based paint

For locations accepting Fluorescent CFL &HID bulbs visit

Begin your own recycling program by setting up a place at your home to collect the material and drop them off at one of the listed sites when heading in that direction.

Future recycling plans include locating partitioned bins in the coulee to collect recyclable materials to be transported to a recycling center. If you are interested in helping bring expanded opportunities to our area, contact the Chamber office.