Play in the Coulee

The Grand Coulee Damn Area’s landscape offers a variety of outdoor activities.


(Lakes and Rivers) – Lake Roosevelt (Columbia River), Banks Lake, Rufus Woods Lake (Columbia River).


Steamboat State Park, Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area, Sunbanks Lake Resort, Coulee Playland Resort, and numerous RV parks in the region.


See the lakes above. Great fishing is available year-round and not hard to find.


Several sites in the region including D3 Geo-cache, managed by the three major dams along the Columbia River (Grand Coulee Dam, Chief Joseph Dam and Rocky Reach Dam).


Banks Lake Golf Course south of Electric City and Disc Golf Course at North Dam Park in Grand Coulee.

Hiking & Walking

Many established hiking and walking trails in the area. Click here for a complete listing.

Ice Climbing

Banks Lake along Hwy. 155. There are several climbs depending on winter weather conditions.


For Kayaking see Lakes above including Crescent Bay on Lake Roosevelt.

Mountain Biking

Both on- and off-road tracks. Bikes are permitted on the Downriver hiking trail as well. Click here for a complete listing of trails in the area.


If you have a photographer’s eye, you are in the right place. The Grand Coulee is a world-class geology that also harbors abundant wildlife. To our south are the wonderful wheat fields and to the north are dense forests. Clean your lenses and get ready!

Skiing & Snowshoeing

Nearby are Loup-Loup Ski Bowl outside of Omak, and Badger Mt Ski Hill outside of Waterville. A bit further and to the east are several ski areas north of Spokane. To the west are a number of ski areas near Leavenworth. Also, both Stevens and Snoqualmie Passes to the west offer skiing opportunities. Snowshoeing can be enjoyed right around here with any decent snowfall.


The Grand Coulee region boosts something few other locations can offer: six National Parks all within a day or less drive from here (ten if you count four Canadian National Parks). There are numerous National Forests and State Parks too. Short day or half-day trips will lead you on an exploration of world-class geology. Get out and enjoy this cornucopia of nature.