How apropos the quote by William Butler Yeats.  Here at the Grand Coulee Center Lodge, we may be strangers today, but by the time you leave tomorrow, we hope to be friends.  We look forward to hosting fishermen and hunters, musicians and scientists.  We greet visitors from all over the United States as well as folks to our north, our south and far across the sea.  We serve families, newlyweds, friends and senior citizens.  It is an honor to provide lodging to members of all our armed forces, both active and inactive. Each year we have made friends of policemen, firemen, doctors, and dentists, bikers, cowboys, teachers and dancers.  We assist the handicap and the rich, the frightened and the strong.  We vow to create a peaceful atmosphere for new parents, single parents and grandparents.  We do our very best to assist brides and bridesmaids, grooms, groomsmen, dads, preachers and the always popular, mother of the bride.  We cater to the working, the retired and the vacationer and we extend our welcome to boats and buses, cars and trucks.We are the Grand Coulee Center Lodge.  We are made up of men and women, young and not so young. It is our pleasure to be a helping hand to those in need of a clean, quiet and safe night’s rest.  We are not perfect, but we try to be.  We believe in the Golden Rule and strive to treat everyone with proper respect.  We love to share a laugh or two with our guests and when the time arises, we have been known to shed a tear as well.  It is our sincere desire that the traveler who stops by will feel welcome and appreciated.  In addition, one of our favorite titles for those who walk through our door is “return guest”.

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404 Spokane Way / PO Box 72
Grand Coulee, WA 99133 USA

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