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spacer Harvest Festival for BBQ Competitors

Grand Coulee Dam Area 8th Annual Harvest Festival
September 20-22, 2019 at North Dam Park

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General Information
The Harvest Festival is popular annual event held in the shaded, grassy North Dam Park at the north end of picturesque Banks Lake. This year's 2019 festival features our 6th year of hosting a Pacific Northwest BBQ Association-sanctioned barbecue competition, complete with $6,500 in prizes and ribbons.

Event Registration
If you would like to show off your amazing BBQ skills at this exciting event, complete the official registration form and return it with your registration fee.

  • $150* to register

* Entry fees are non-refundable. Grand Coulee Dam Chamber of Commerce and the
Pacific Northwest BBQ Association reserve the right to refuse any entry.

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* General Information

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* Award Payouts

* Lodging Options

* Event Schedule

* Event Rules

* Competitor Info

* Pets/Animal Policy

* BBQ Sampling

* BBQ Tips and Tricks

* Event Sponsors
Event Venue
This event is located in the stunningly gorgeous Banks Lake Park, nestled smack in the middle of picturesque Grand Coulee and right on the shores of Banks Lake in Grand Coulee, Washington. Banks Lake Park is a level, grassy park with lots of beautiful shade trees and flowers.

Award Payouts      $6,500 in Prizes
Grand Champion  $2000 + trophy
Reserve Champion $1000 + trophy
Each Category: (ribs, brisket, pork, chicken)
1st place $225 + ribbon
2nd place $185 + ribbon
3rd place $150 + ribbon
4th place $115 + ribbon
5th place $75 + ribbon
6th place ribbon only

Lodging Options
Self-contained RV spaces are limited. Click here for a list of local accommodations.

BBQ Event Schedule
Saturday, September 21
-am- Load-in -- NOTE: You must check in with event officials upon arrival.
10am-12pm Site Inspection
11am-3pm Sampling
1pm Cooks Meeting
3pm Extra Category: Anything Potato Turn-in
4pm Extra Category: Meat in a Tube Turn-in
Sunday, September 22
10am Judges Meeting
11am-3pm Sampling
11am Pork Turn-in
Noon Brisket Turn-in
1pm Chicken Turn-in
2pm Ribs Turn-in
4pm Awards -- Please plan to stay for the entire awards ceremony.

BBQ Event Rules
Because this is a Pacific Northwest BBQ Association-sanctioned event, all PNWBA rules and regulations must be followed by all professional teams to avoid disqualification. Click here for PNWBA rules and competition instructions.

Competitor Information
  • Space allocated for each team - 20 feet x 20 feet. (Additional space is available, but space is limited and will be based on a first-come first-serve basis.) Only one team will be allowed per space.
  • Teams must be completely self-contained.
  • Provided are grease containers, ash containers, wastewater and garbage disposal. Ground cover for grease splatter/charcoal must be supplied by each team. Teams are responsible for maintaining a clean site.
  • Ice will be provided. Additional ice is also available at Safeway, H&H Grocery, and other stores near the venue.
  • Each team MUST have a 2A 40BC-rated fire extinguisher for their booth.
  • A permanent restroom facility exists in the center of the park, readily accessible to all competitors.

BBQ Sampling
BBQ competitors are both welcome and encouraged to sell samples of their BBQ products to the public. Samplings are allowed on Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 3pm. Teams are also allowed to sell their barbecue and merchandise to the public.

How sampling works: The Chamber has worked out the details with the Grant County Health Department and secured a non-profit health permit rate. Any BBQ competitor wishing to sell samples may do so by paying the Chamber an additional $20 along with your registration fee. We’ll cover the rest of the permit fees and handle the paperwork. Then during the event, the Chamber will sell tokens to the public; the BBQer will receive 50% of the value of the token and the Chamber will keep 50%. WIN/WIN!

Additional Grant County Health District materials you should be familiar with are found in the Temporary Food Establishments section of Grant County Health Department's website.

BBQ Tricks and Tips
  • Read the rules – you’re only judged on what’s listed.
  • Appearance matters – it’s usually an individual point in the judging. Watch for fingerprints smudges, (yuck) and saucy slops. Layout the food in the box in a clean, orderly and attractive manner.
  • Keep it hot. Pieces that are warmer seem to taste better.
  • Stay away from lighter fluid.
  • Judges expect some sauce and, in general, like sweet, NOT heat.
  • Perfect ribs won’t fall off the bone (that’s overdone) but they should come off easy.
  • Focus on the basics and keep things simple. Work on perfecting the basics such as:
    • Meat selection
    • Meat preparation
    • Fire/temperature control
    • Timing
    • Repeatable flavor profile
    • Garnish and presentation

The Harvest Festival BBQ competition is proudly sponsored by:
Coulee Playland Resort    Columbia River Inn
Coulee Dam Federal Credit Union    Grand Coulee Dam Area Chamber of Commerce