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spacer Human Foosball Competition
Life-size version of the popular table-top game!
September 15, 2018 from 10:00am to 1:00pm at Banks Lake Park

Check out the printable official poster here!

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What is Human Foosball Anyway?

Glad you asked! It’s the newest, and most hilariously fun, addition to our ever-popular Harvest Festival! Check out this video from our friends at to get an idea about what it’s like:

Basic Foosball Game Instructions

  • Assemble 2 teams on the field as shown.
  • Players face the opposite team's goal.
  • Game play begins with a ball tossed into the mid-court starting area (indicated here with a red X).
  • Play continues until a penalty occurs, the ball is out of reach or out of bounds, or a goal is missed or is scored. Follow restart procedures to continue playing.
  • Each goal is worth 1 point. Highest number of goals wins.
  • Games last 15 minutes each.

Rules of Play
Failure to follow these rules results in a penalty:

  • Players must keep both hands on their assigned section of the foosball pole at all times.
  • Players may not move along the length of the foosball pole or switch positions with other players during play.
  • Players must move together from side to side. However, no player (except the goalie) is permitted to move forward or backward on the court.
  • No player except the goalie is permitted to touch the ball with their arms or hands.
  • The ball must remain below the foosball pole at all times.
  • No physical contact is allowed between players. Any fouls such as roughhousing, kicking an opponent, or behaving inappropriately will result in a free kick for the opponent's side.
  • When a penalty occurs, the ball should be rolled from the starting area in the direction of the non-offending team.

Restart Procedures

  • When a goal is scored, the game is restarted by tossing the ball from the starting area in the direction of the non-scoring team.
  • If the ball goes out of bounds, the ball should be returned to the place it left the court and tossed toward the non-offending team.
  • If the ball cannot be reached in the playing area, the ball should be rolled to the left from the place that it has stopped. The direction then alternates with every stopped ball.
  • If a goal shot is missed, the opposing team's goalie should roll the ball from their goal onto the court.

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